Samudera Indonesia Vendor Management System (VMS) is an application for registering and managing suppliers at PT Samudera Indonesia Tangguh and its subsidiaries (“Samudera Indonesia”). VMS application can be accessed in URL http://procurement.samudera.id

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Terms and Conditions



  1. The Company's Vendor Management System (VMS) is an application of the procurement process of goods and/or services that can be accessed through procurement.samudera.id
  2. E-Procurement is the process of procuring goods and/or services electronically in the Company.
  3. The Company is PT Samudera Indonesia Tangguh and its subsidiaries
  4. Subsidiaries are subsidiaries and joint ventures that are under the control of the Company, either directly or indirectly, both domestically and abroad.
  5. Users are individuals /legal entities who have active access rights to VMS
  6. User ID is a name or unique identification as a user's identity that is used to access the VMS application.
  7. Goods and/or Service Providers are bussiness entities or individuals whose business activities are to provide goods and/or services to the Company
  8. Vendors is goods and/or service providers who have been registered and have been approved as supplier in VMS and already have a Supplier Code.


  1. User Registration
    • Goods and/or Services providers are required to register online on the VMS application and then follow the verification process for supporting documents required by the company
  2. User Obligations
    • Comply with applicable regulations and policies
    • Provide valid data as required by the Company
    • Each user is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of all content and information contained in the VMS application including but not limited to User ID.
    • Any abuse of access rights by other parties is the responsibility of the user ID owner.
    • Goods and/or Service providers are required to update data in the event of a change in the articles of association, business permits, address, share ownership, management, contact person, type of goods and/or services provided, and other data information deemed necessary by the Company.
    • Maintain confidentiality and prevent misuse of data and information that is not intended for general public.
    • Users are responsible for any errors and/or differences in data provided to the Company through VMS.
  3. Revocation of User Membership
    • The Company has the right to postpone/revoke User's access rights if any information/transactions/activities are found that violate these terms and conditions.


  1. The Company is not responsible for infrastructure problems that resulted in disruption of the VMS usage process.
  2. The Company is not responsible for any consequences of misuse by users or other parties.
  3. All risks of using VMS and misuse of User accounts are the responsibility of the User.


Disputes that occur between the User and the Company are resolved through deliberation to reach a consensus. If the dispute cannot be resolved through deliberation to reach a consensus within 30 calendar days, the User and the Company agree to bring the case to the West Jakarta district court.


  1. Users or other parties are prohibited from quoting or copying part or all other content contained in VMS without written permission from the Company. Violation of this provision will be prosecuted based on the prevailing regulations in Indonesia.
  2. Users agree not to, in any way, reproduce, sell, and/or distribute the content obtained from VMS for personal and/or commercial purposes.


  1. The Company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions and VMS features at any time.
  2. Users must comply with the Terms and Conditions and all amendments.
  3. The Company has the right to stop using the VMS at any time without any obligation to the user.


By becoming a VMS user, the user has read, understood and agreed to all contents in the Terms and Conditions, and other provisions published by the Company